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How We Can Serve You

Get the Mortgage You Deserve

When it comes to financing or refinancing your properties, you want to make sure you have a professional and experienced Mortgage Broker by your side. We guarantee our clients the best financing and mortgage services that are personalized to their specific needs. With PHILANYA on your side, you’ll receive the best customer service as well as helpful, easy to digest resources to help you understand what’s really going on behind all those complicated numbers. 

Choose the Right Down Payment for You

A down payment is the amount you pay toward the home yourself. You put a percentage of the home’s value down and borrow the rest through your mortgage loan. Down Payment Assistance may be available for you. A 20% or higher down payment likely provides the best rates and most options. However, think twice if the down payment drains all your savings!

Key in the Lock
Credit Assessment
Contract Paper Signing

Mortgage Lending

More Ways to Save

Whether you need help negotiating an existing mortgage or buying a new home, our team can manage all your mortgage needs. We shop, Lenders compete, and you win! Our mortgage lending services will take the complications out of the process. You’ll be surprised by how easy your life becomes once we work together — contact us today 

SBA Lending

What You’ll Be Getting

We offer nationwide lending offering a broad range of loan products to retail customers, brokers, and mortgage banking partners. You can count on us to come through with diverse lending products, powerful loan features, and fast turn times.

Bridge Financing

Easy and Convenient

Save money by receiving the best financing terms available. Less documentation and faster closings! Contact us today to see what our team can do for you. Schedule a consultation appointment today!

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